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Welcome to YourKidSongcom! Home of “The Best Boy” song. We have thousands of personalized names available. Just click your little man’s letter on the home page to find and preview your personalized song.

We will have “The Best Girl” song available shortly.

This was a labor of love for me. Not to mention countless hours spent recording over a 1000 songs (and counting). I am a songwriter by trade and have written songs for the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

This “personalized song” process began several years ago when I tried to find a personalized DOWNLOADABLE song for my nephew Victor (when he was 2 years old), I had a very hard time finding something that could be played everyday (and not just on his birthday), and something that was catchy and musical enough not to drive his parents mad! (-:

Please feel free to contact me on the contact form if you would like to share any ideas with me and/or suggest song names.


Annmarie Cullen

Founder of YourKidSong.com

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